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SmartGraft Hair Restoration

Dr Gladstone, the former Director of Dermatologic Surgery at Stanford University has performed hair transplants since 1999. He has adopted the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) as his method of choice because of several advantages over the strip technique as discussed below. Dr Gladstone and his team perform SmartGraft for Hair Restoration because it is the latest technology that helps to provide a more natural result and has less downtime. This procedure is performed with local anesthesia and oral sedation. Dr Gladstone and his team make sure that you will be comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. Contact the Gladstone Clinic at 925-837-6000 for a complimentary consultation.

The Factssmartgraft-image

From Research & Surveys:

  • 50 Million American Men are experiencing hair loss
  • 30 Million American Women are experiencing hair loss
  • 47% of hair loss sufferers would spend their life savings to regain a full head of hair
  • 60% of hair loss sufferers would rather have more hair than money or friends
  • Hair Transplant costs have historically been cost prohibitive to many patients and was extremely expensive compared to today standards.
  • Majority of potential patients do not want to be left with a linear scar
  • Majority of potential patients want better options
  • Majority of potential patients do not know there are better options
  • Majority of Hair Restoration doctors only offer the Strip Method

strip-methodThe Strip Method

  • “In quality-of-life studies, men and women experiencing hair loss reported a higher incidence of behavior that interfered with their daily lives — including a significant loss of self-esteem, being introverted, feeling less attractive and tense feelings in public places.” From the American Academy of Dermatology” 2013hair-loss-classification
  • SmartGraft is a life changing Technology. It is automated follicular unit extraction.
  • The SmartGraft System gently removes the hair follicle decreasing the rate of transection, and then stores it in a compartment that automatically keeps the grafts moist and increases survival of the grafts until they are ready for implantation.

smartgraft-automated-removalThe SmartGraft Automated Removal of Hair Grafts

hair-grafts-implantedHair Grafts that will be implanted

The significant advantage of the FUE procedure is the lack of a linear scar. The tiny 1.0mm harvest sites close 50% in size within 24 hours and can be completely undetectable within a weeks time, depending on the quality of hair in the donor area. Eventually, when the surrounding hair reaches a certain length (approximately 8mm) the area is completely natural looking. 

immediate-post-procedureImmediate Post Procedure

two-day-after-procedureTwo Day After Procedure

two-weeks-after-procedureTwo weeks after procedure

  • The patient benefits from SmartGraft include the following:
  • Minimally invasive office procedure
  • No scalpel, no sutures
  • No unsightly linear scar
  • Virtually no discomfort
  • Significantly reduced treatment times
  • Faster recovery time; “work next day”
  • Natural looking permanent results
  • Large areas in a single session
  • Reduces need for additional procedures
  • Reduces overall costs of manual FUE

Call the Gladstone Clinic today to see if you are a candidate for the SmartGraft Hair Restoration at 925-837-6000