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Neck Liposuction


This is a model not an
actual patient

When we age, our neck begins to sag. Many people will also have extra fat (a double chin) in their upper neck which can be genetic. A youthful neck has a sharper angle and jawline. Neck liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that can restore the angle between the lower face and upper neck which creates a rejuvenated appearance.

Dr Gladstone performs neck liposuctionwith local anesthesia, and oral sedation. The procedure including the anesthesia takes less than one hour. You will have small scars under your chin and under your ears. These are barely perceptible and can be totally camouflaged with medical micropigmentation.
You can have swelling after this procedure and some bruising. Down time is approximately 4 days, If you have the procedure on a Thursday afternoon, you could go back to work on Monday. You will be outfitted with a compression velcro garment that should be worn as much as possible for two weeks. This helps compress the skin and reduce swelling and bruising. While you will see immediate improvement, the full effect of neck liposuction takes 4-6 months due to skin tightening. It is common to see only moderate results for the first couple of months, and then by 4 months, there is a dramatic tightening.

For some patients, Dr Gladstone may recommend a noninvasive skin tightening procedure following the neck liposuction in order to “turbocharge” the your results.

*Results may vary from person to person