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Mini facelift


This is a model not an
actual patient

As we age, our lower face loses volume and also sags due to weakening of connections between the deeper layers and the skin. Restoring both volume and lifting the skin will create a rejuvenated, natural appearance. Dr Gladstone performs both fillers and surgical lifting procedures to slow down this aging process. Fillers such as your own fat, Sculptra and Radiesse can add volume to both the lower and mid face. While they can also provide some lift, a mini-facelift will provide a much more significant lifting and tightening of the lower face.

A mini-lift is appropriate for patients who have more jowling and lower face sagging than what an Ulthera procedure could correct. A mini-lift is a surgical procedure where there is cutting. It is performed with local tumescent anesthesia and oral sedation. It involves an incision from the top of the ear to the earlobe. The scar hides well. The skin is loosened and internal stitches are placed in the SMAS which is like deep mesh that envelopes muscle. By tightening the SMAS, a facelift provides a better and longer lift. Extra skin is then trimmed and sewed with absorbable stitches. This procedure will only minimally help loose neck skin. A mini-lift includes neck liposuction which will help provide a better jaw line contour and a more contoured neck. If you have significant loose neck skin, then a mini-lift would not be appropriate for you. The age group which benefits most form this procedure tend to be late 30’s- early 50’s.

The mini lift takes approximately 90 minutes. Though some patients who have it performed on a Thursday afternoon will return to work on the following Monday, Dr Gladstone recommends a full week. You certainly can work from home. Bruising and swelling is normal. Bruising and swelling will generally resolve in 7-10 days. The stitch lines will completely heal by 3 months. If need be, the scars can be optimized by laser or medical micropigmentation. Mini lifts generally last 6-8 years.

*The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.