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Lower Facelift


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When most people age, both their face and neck drops. The cheeks sags, there is lower cheek loose skin, jowling, a blunting of the neck contour and sagging neck skin. Even if you feel invigorated, your face says otherwise. We know from studies that rejuvenation procedures can improve self esteem and quality of life. Though the most important qualities are more than skin deep, looking better will make one feel better. The facelift is still the cornerstone of facial aesthetic surgery.

The facelift has been performed for over a century. Most people are surprised that a Parisian cosmetic dermatologist, Suzanne Noel was one of the first doctors to perform a facelift. Since that time, the facelift has undergone many revisions to improve its effectiveness. In the past, the lower facelift has been performed under general anesthesia. With others in the field, Dr Gladstone was one of the pioneers in performing the facelift with local tumescent anesthesia and oral sedation. The lower facelift will help lift the cheeks, reduce jowling,reduce marionette lines, provide a significantly better neck contour and reduce loose skin. It will not appreciably reduce smile lines, hollowing of the cheeks or wrinkles around the mouth, Laser resurfacing can be performed simultaneously with the facelift to reduce wrinkles around the mouth and lips. After the swelling from a facelift resolves, fillers can be used to decrease smile lines and fill cheeks.

*The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.

A lower facelift is essentially a combination of the mini lift and the neck lift. The incision extends from the top of the ear to behind the ear and into the scalp. Most of the face and neck are completely loosened, and internal stitches are placed in both the SMAS and the platysmal muscles. Neck liposuction is always performed as part of the facelift.It requires 3- 3 ½ hours, and can be combined with other procedures such as a blepharoplasty. A compression garment is worn as much as you can for two weeks. As with the neck liposuction, mini lift, and neck lift, the facelift wounds need to be taken care of for two weeks. The sutures are dissolvable.

The down time for a lower facelift can be 10-14 days. If a facelift is performed alone, and is done on a Friday, you should be able to back to work the following (9 days) Monday. There will still be swelling but often this is may also create an improvement if you also have some cheek hollowing. There will be soreness and a tight feeling, but you can work from home and go for walks starting the day after the procedure.Facelifts generally last 8-10 years. The age range is from the late 40’s (if a patient has had severe sun damage).

Before & After Results

Lower Facelift
*Results may vary from person to person
Lower Facelift
*Results may vary from person to person