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Fat Transfer


This is a model not an
actual patient

What: Fat transfer was the first filler used in the modern era of cosmetic surgery. Many patients still prefer fat because it is from their own body.
Where: Fat is versatile, but s best used for volumizing the entire face, particularly the cheeks. It can also be a good option for hand rejuvenation.
When: the results are instantaneous. However, up to a third of the fat may reabsorb.
How Long: At the Gladstone Clinic, generally three treatments will be required every two months. In Dr Gladstone’s hands, 70% of the fat’s augmentation effect will last approximately 3 years.
Bottom Line: You may or not be a candidate depending on the amount of fat that you have. For many fat transfer may be the most cost effective option as a filler. However, it is essentially two procedures—removal of the fat and then the injection during the same session. This procedure requires significantly longer than other fillers, and you may then have bruising and swelling in two sites.

*The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.