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Dark & Red Spots


This is a model not an actual patient

Dark & Red spots that are not moles are also known as sun spots or in dermatology terms, a lentgo or lentiginous damage. This your skin’s reaction in trying to protect itself from the sun.

Dark & Red spots may also occur from an inflammatory reaction—some type of injury to the skin where your pigment cells (melanocytes) are stimulated. This is called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).

There is a variation of this pigmentation called melasma. It is thought to be a result of both hormonal fluctuations and sun exposure. It can occur during or right after pregnancy. It is common on the upper cheeks and upper lip. It can be more challenging to treat than the other forms of dark spots and patches.

Dark & Red spots and veins most commonly occur from birth, sun damage, rosacea and aging. Birthmarks known as portwine stains can be disfiguring and are covered by insurance in the state of California. Sun damage or rosacea can result in diffuse redness. Some individuals may have flushing which though it can be diminished with lasers or light sources can be more challenging to treat. Spider veins are common around the nose and cheeks and can be treated as can cherry angiomas.

Superficial spider veins on the legs can be more challenging. The gold standard treatment is still sclerotherapy which are injections directly into the spider veins. This may require several sessions. The Gladstone Clinic uses the latest sclerotherapy solutions which are the most effective. In some instances a laser may be effective for these veins.

It is natural to be outside, do recreational activities and enjoy yourself in the Bay Area. However, with both sun damage and aging, we all begin to have dark and red spots mostly on our faces and hands. Sun damage can also cause veins on face and particularly around the nose. Rosacea may also cause redness, They show our age and detract from clear skin. At the Gladstone Clinic we can treat those conditions.

What: KTP 532 nm laser

For Whom: Patients with red spots on the face and hands; Spider veins on the face and nose; Cherry angiomas on the body; Dark spots on the face and hands; raised dark bumps on the face and hands (Seborrheic keratoses & DPN’s); Safe on most skin types.

Recovery Time: Mild scaling for red spots and veins; Mild crusting for several days for dark spots and raised dark bumps.

How Many: Generally three treatments on a monthly basis.

*The results described will vary based on a variety of factors.